Our Artist of the Week is New York based rapper, actor and writer Dave Langston. Tinsel Town or Bust caught up with Dave for an exclusive interview. This poetic rapper is a Purchase student whose hit 4am at Purchase has been making waves. Originally from Long Island, Dave sat down with us and gave us a sneak peak into the world of a triple threat. Here’s what he had to say:

What made you want to do Hip Hop?

“I hated hip hop at first, I like rock and alternative. I love Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco-then I heard Kanye West and Jimmy Hendrix-they made me want to do it; when they’re rapping and it sounds like they’re talking to you. I like music that infuses everything”.

What are you currently working on?

“A project called Genius Child, I’m working on the final edits. I’m looking to debut it on Itunes, and I’m also thinking about releasing some music videos”.

What do you think sets you aside from other artists?

“I’d have to say my name. I took Langston from Langston Hughes, he always wrote for the people, it always reminds me to write for the people and always bring myself.”

What’s your favorite song off your album?

“Freemason, it’s my first time venturing with electronic beats. I was thinking about Panic at the Disco- how every album is different. I really like venturing into electronic pop and hip hop.”

How do you juggle your acting, music and home life?

“I honestly don’t know. The ideas I have, I can put aside or focus on. It flows-when I’m writing a script if I’m stuck I’ll go work on music.”

In our interview with Dave he told us “whenever I do a tape or album I look at a Langston Hughes poem, I look at what the poem is about and I put it into music form. If you read his poem you’ll understand Genius Child-the poem is an album.” Dave is always open to collaborating with other artists and working with new producers. You can check Dave out on Sound Cloud and follow him on Facebook for his latest updates.

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