The Gold Coast International Film Festival kicked off November 3rd with an opening Gala; honoring Catherine Martin, Micael S. Glickman, Jonathan Cohen and Marie Cecile. Tinsel Town or Bust was able to catch up with four time Academy Award winning costume designer, Catherine Martin. Catherine is best known for her work on Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby.

Urban Popp: Did you have a favorite, when it came to working on The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge!?

CM: “The experience is different and you approach it in a different way. No I don’t really have favorites; I always feel that I tend to look forwards not backwards”

Urban Popp: Do you have a process for the costumes, or do the ideas come when you see the actors?

CM: “It’s a process working with him (Baz Luhrmann) arguing, developing the ideas and then ultimately there is an alchemy when the actor comes into the process. I’m very lucky with that because we have such an extended development period and we’re able to do costume workshops months and months prior to filming, and that allows you to really feel your way with an actor and experiment.”

Urban Popp: When you had first read the book of The Great Gatsby did you have visions for the costumes?

CM: “When I read the book as an adolescent I wasn’t a big fan and I just kind of didn’t get it. I was a suburban girl in suburban Sydney; it was only when i reread the book when Baz encouraged me to do it, that I really became enamored with it; but the book itself has so many descriptions of outfits and costumes, it’s really the starting point for us-the work itself.”

The week long festival brought in some spectacular movies to the local Long Island area. Paulette and Beside Still Waters, were among some of the best films we’ve seen this year. While comedy packed Paulette took the audience on a wild ride through the hard times of a French widower turned drug dealer; Beside Still Waters balanced the spectrum and pulled on the heartstrings, showing that people grow up and grow apart no matter how much you fight it.

Be sure to head over to Gold Coast International Film Festival to check out the Elliman Film Series and the Spring Furman Film Series, coming this Spring to Long Island.

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