Utah natives, best known as Neon Trees made waves in 2010 with their pop hit “Animal.” Prior to topping the charts, Neon Trees opened for The Killers back in 2008 and started gathering quite the following. The band originally started in California by Tyler Glenn (vocals and keyboard) and Chris All
en (guitar and vocals), joined together with Branden Campbell (bass and vocals), and the beautiful Elaine Bradley (percussion, drums, and vocals) in Utah, to make what is now known as Neon Trees.

On July 22, New York was lucky enough to have the pop-rock band serenade the city with their upbeat songs. As the eager fans packed into Irving Plaza-you could feel the electricity buzzing through the crowd, minute by minute, as the anticipation was building. Neon Trees hit the stage at Irving Plaza with an electric set that had the crowd enthralled hit after hit. The effervescent Tyler Glenn gave an amazing performance as did Campbell, Allen, and Bradley.

The band played favorites such as:

Songs I Can’t Listen To
Sins of My Youth
Calling My Name
Your Surrender
In the Next Room
Moving in the Dark
Mad Love
Still Young
Love in the 21st Century
Love is a Losing Game
First Things First
Sleeping With a Friend
Everybody Talks
Come On Eileen

You can check out their last 2 shows for this tour on July 25, at College Street Music Hall in Connecticut, and July 26, at Paradise Rock Club in Massachussettes.

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