Every year, low and behold, there’s always a new diet or exercise fad. Whether it’s the best weight loss tea promising that it’s hefty price tag is worth the weight you’ll lose or a new workout DVD insisting it will have you burning calories faster than you can imagine.  But fads are only fads, and at the end of the day, they don’t stick. The new thing that seems to actually work is good old fashioned support. Yes, a support system can actually help you lose weight. Facebook groups dedicated to supporting each its members in getting fit, losing weight, getting exercise, and eating healthy, have been popping up all over the place this last year.

If you’re interested in joining these free programs that offer raffles with prizes and great motivation, there are coaches on Facebook that can invite you into the private groups. Most likely one of your Facebook friends is already a coach. Do a little research and if you find that you know a coach hop on the fitness band wagon. Don’t forget to selfishly promote your new eating habits and exercise on social media for others to stay motivated!

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