Going to a Broadway show is kind of a big to-do, especially when it’s a show you’ve been waiting to see for a while. And we get it. Broadway isn’t cheap. So, just because you’ve forked over most of your life’s savings doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re poor (or really rich for that matter). Urban Popp searched the internet (mainly Pinterest) to find the best outfits to fulfill all your broadway watching, dream satisfying, dress up fantasies. The first and only major rule when it comes to fashion, at least by our standards, is dress COMFY. If you’re taking subways, walking long distances, and/or venturing through subarctic weather, it’s better to be comfortable and appropriately dressed. Trust us, you’ll thank yourselves later. But, lets just be clear: You can be dressed to the nines and still comfy at the same time.

The Diva

Because when are sparkles ever a bad idea? Walking far? Swap these super cute shoes out with flats for a comfortable yet sexy look. You can wear dark jeans or wear leather-like leggings. The choice is up to you! Either way it’s a classy look.

If you’re a theater junkie, it’s time to get your last fix on some of the amazing shows running on Broadway. Whether you’ve seen all, some, or none, it’s a bit disheartening to know some of Broadway’s finest plays/musicals will be closing within the next month. Urban Popp has compiled a short list of beloved shows that are closing in the next thirty days. Get to stepping, because these are some shows you don’t want to miss. December 31, 2016 Fiddler on the Roof @ Broadway Theatre January 1, 2017 The Illusionists Turn of the Century @ Palace Theatre Matilda the Musical @ Shubert Theatre Something Rotten! @ St. James Theatre January 8, 2017 The Color Purple @ Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES @ Booth Theatre The Encounter @ John Golden Theatre Falsettos @ Walter Kerr Theatre January 15, 2017 Jersey Boys @ August Wilson Theatre The Humans @ Gerald Schoenfield Theatre Holiday Inn @ Roundabout Theatre Company @ Studio 54 January 22, 2017 Oh, Hello on Broadway January 29, 2017 The Front page @ Broadhurst Theatre

Jackie Who?

You can mix and match any shirt with this super sleek look. If you’re not a klutz like me, go for the heels and matching bag. You’ll have Jackie O. rolling in her grave with envy. You can thank us later!


Falling For Fall

Technically, winter doesn’t start until December 21, even then, this outfit can still work for fall or winter. Change out the skirt color depending on the seasons. But a sweater and a mini is always a win in our book.


Revolutionary Woman

This perfect combo will not only keep you warm but you’ll look hella (yes, you read that correctly. It’s making a comeback) cute wearing it. And, if that’s not convincing enough, this outfit was modeled after French aristocrat Marquis de Lafayette who fought in the revolutionary war. Whip out that tidbit and you can be sexy and well versed in American history. Total plus!


Cool and Sophisticated 

Nothing is cuter in the winter than shorts with tights and a nice top. Whether you’re sticking to a minimalist pattern of black and white or want to fancy it up with whatever your heart desires, this look (which can be adjusted by season) is cute and versatile. Not to mention comfortable and still dressy enough with an edge of casual.


Boho with a Blazer

With just a tinge of Boho, you can border on the business boho look that’s going on below. Match a busy skirt with a solid blazer and rock the night with your casual glam.


Urban Chic

As everyone knows these days, Hamilton is all the rage in New York. And if you’re one of the lucky ones whose been able to score a seat at the history making show, you’ll probably want to dress to impress. Urban chic can be so hot when done right. Mix casual and fancy and throw in some muted colors (such as green, grey, dark blue, and/or black) and some jewelry and you’ve got yourself a rockin’ outfit that you can wear to almost any event in the city that never sleeps.


Have any outfit ideas for a night out on Broadway? Comment us and let us know!

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