New York is by far one of the coolest places ever. I’m sure you already knew that, though. But why? It’s definitely not the weather (oh, California weather how I miss you). It is however all about the diverseness.

Ever find yourself in NYC just walking around with no particular place to go? You can cross the street and find a super cute vegan cafe or look to your left and see a wonderful BBQ restaurant. Backstep a bit and you’re at a super swanky gourmet restaurant across from an old school pizzeria where Vinny is flipping that dough like he owns it.

The options in New York are endless and that’s the way we like it. New York is not defined by one thing it’s defined by many. Many different cultural aspects, many different arts, and many many different foods. Did you know there’s a shuffleboard bar in Williamsburg or a Museum of Sex in Manhattan? Regardless of your tastes or fetishes, New York is filled with wonderful places just waiting to be experienced.


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