Travel is one the most genuine and pure ways to experience life out of your comfort zone. So, whether you plan on jet setting to Europe or road tripping a state over, it can be hectic on your wallet. That’s why I propose a citycation. Yes, a citycation. If you’re on a tight budget and just need to get away from whatever craziness is plaguing your life, taking a mental vacation in a city close to home is the perfect option. Not only can you enjoy the relaxation of taking a break from day to day life, you can also keep your wallet fat and splurge on other things…like coffee and clothes. An obvious win win.

It might sound like a crazy idea but honestly the best way to get away for a day and not break the piggy bank is to get lost. Yes, you read that correctly: get lost. Travel to NYC and spend the day wondering around places you’ve never visited. Hop in the car and drive out to Montauk if it’s a sunny day and take a walk along the beach. Yeah, it’s winter but the sound of the crushing waves will destress you in seconds. Take a drive up to Terry town and spend the day with a coffee ogling all the cool trinket shops there.

Regardless of where you go, whether you live in New York or California, give yourself a mental vacation and enjoy the city of your choice. Jump on a train, hop in the car, or walk if you have to just experience something new and nearby. You’ll thank me later! Treat yourself to lunch and an ice cream or pack your own lunch and save. Just get out there and detox from your regular life. Who knows, you might even fall in love with a new spot and make it your regular place to hang.

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