Contrary to popular belief, being single on Valentine’s day is actually kind of awesome.

The ever-popular Hallmark holiday has led us to believe that if you’re single on V-day you’re most likely sad and bitter about it. And although that may be true for some, truth is: being single is actually quite liberating…especially on Valentine’s day. And here are seven reasons proving while being single on Valentine’s day is actually kind of awesome:

1. You don’t have to worry about plans for Valentine’s day. Let’s be honest, we all know how busy restaurants and even bars can get on love day and the weekend leading up to Valentine’s day. But fear not, you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by strangers in a busy unfamiliar place because…you’re single.

2. You won’t feel that crippling anxiety that hits when you’re not quite sure what to get the guy/girl you’re dating. There’s no worrying that a gift might say too little or too much about your current state of emotions with your beau because you don’t have to worry about gifts.

3. You. Don’t. Have. To. Worry. You literally do not have to worry about a damn thing on Valentine’s day because you have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. Doesn’t it feel good?

4. You’ll save money. Whether you were paying for dinner, buying gifts, or paying for a weekend getaway, you can save that dinero this year and by yourself something fancy.

5. Instead of getting caught up on how to make your partner happy on V-day, you can actually focus on the relationship that matters most: your relationship with yourself.

6. You don’t have to share your chocolate. You can eat it all!

7. You can spend the day with people who matter most in your life, whether those people are family, friends, your dog, or yourself. You can spend YOUR time with whomever you choose however you choose without any guilt or strings attached.

Have any more ideas why being single on love day is underrated? Let me know below!

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