If you live in New York, you know how it goes: you become a totally different person than you are the rest of the year during the cold and snowy months. You don’t want to leave the house, you may become extremely unmotivated, and pretty much all you want to do is just watch movies and TV in your pajamas. And while that is totally acceptable, very few people realize winter is the perfect time to refocus on setting your life on the right path. Read on for the best ways to beat the cold.

Take on a Project

Want to redo your closet? Craft a DIY headboard? Maybe try home brewing for the first time? Go on, do it! Winter is the perfect time to capitalize on all the indoor things you’ve wanted to try. Not only will you get to experiment with your new found creativeness but comes summer, you’ll have more time to go outside and enjoy the beach.

Get Your Fitness On

Going to the gym isn’t that fun in the winter (but really when is it?) so switch it up and try out some new classes. Maybe an aerial class, or hot yoga, or even a Barre class. Everyone wants to get “swimsuit ready” before summer but living a healthy lifestyle is way more important than how you look in a swimsuit. Naturally, in winter we want to hibernate and eat all the junk food we find, but winter is actually the best time to take all that time you would spend catching up on Netflix and binge eating and focus on changing your diet and exercising. This way, come summer, you’ll be ready to rock and roll and less likely to eat bad food since you beat the temptation during your hibernation months. And the best part is you might fall in love with a new workout regime and make it a regular!

Become a Social Butterfly

Some people (like myself) rarely get social during the cold and snowy months. However, you can actually save money AND still be social while staying in. Throw a pajama party, or an evening of wine tasting, or even have a BYOE (bring your own everything) party this way you can just sit back and have fun. S’mores and board games are always a good idea, too!

Knock Out Your Reading List

Get lost in a book and catch up on some reading. Whether it be a book,  magazine, or whatever -sit by a window and maximize your winter by expanding your repertoire. Not only will reading relax you, especially if you’re drinking some hot cocoa or tea, but you’ll actually feel accomplished once you finish that book on your list.

Embrace the Winter

Actually embrace it! Enjoy the cold. Build a snowman, play with your dog (really anyone’s dog) outside, or even go sledding. Snow can be a pain in the tush and shoveling is the worst but if you make the best of it, it can be fun. Throw on some wireless headphones that will act as earmuffs when it’s cold and blast your favorite jams while shoveling. Look at it as exercise and smash and boogie your way through a snow free driveway the next time a storm hits.

If you have any ways to survive the winter let me know below. I’d love to hear your ideas of how you survive winter in New York!

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  1. Winter is hard to get through sometimes! I like what you said about actually embracing it! That is what I have done and actually love the snow now!

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