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With an eye for ways to save money in any scenario, Ashley wrote the following piece for Urban Popp!

There’s really nothing better than having some good friends over for food, drinks and good conversation. But parties aren’t cheap and if you’re on a budget, neither is hosting one.

My first-time hosting was a bust. The party itself was a hit, but because I was so stressed over hosting the perfect night, I ended spending some very unnecessary money.

When I decided to throw a second party, I figured out how to cut costs in areas I initially spent too much money on. The event was just as fun and cost less than half of my first attempt.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, hosting can actually be fun and even cost friendly. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, cocktail party, housewarming event or a cozy kickback, here are a few ways you can host an entertaining and stylish get together on a budget.

Paperless Invites are the Way to Go

Skip the traditional paper invitations and try a free online invitation service such as Evite or Punchbowl. Not only are they just as cute and effective but environmentally friendly as well.  If your party isn’t that formal, opt for a Facebook group invite or even a phone call.

It’s all about the DIY décor

Utilizing what you already have at your place (and some Pinterest inspo) is key.

Have a coffee table or standing shelf but worried about spilled food or water? Make a cheap surface protector for your furniture. Choose what finish you’d like, measure, cut and bam – the perfect display for food or drinks (and peace of mind for you).

Centerpieces can be another big cost. Rather than buying ornate flowers or decorations, use a collection of items as the focal points of your party. My favorite examples are groupings of mason jars, vintage books or candles. Not only will these be inexpensive, but extremely stylish in any setting.

Cups, plates, cutlery? Use your own! You may have to wash some dishes the next morning but it takes away the cost of having to purchase any more décor.

The Food – know what to serve and how to serve it

Skip the catering and/or expensive main dishes. Instead, serve appetizers or finger foods. Any regular bag of chips can look classy if you use a cute presentation. For some quick and inexpensive recipes, check out these 10 Party foods, all under $10 bucks.

If you’re really trying to save, make it a potluck and ask everyone to bring a small dish. People are usually happy to contribute to an event.

Pick a signature drink instead of buying multiple beverages

Alcohol can turn out to be the biggest expense at a party. If you’re looking to serve some drinks, pre-make a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy like these 12 Big-Batched cocktails.

Remember the keys to a good party

All in all, spending the evening with great friends will be the highlight of your event. With a little bit of planning, budgeting and placement, you can easily throw a stylish party and all within your budget.



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