There are a million and one things to do when traveling to NYC for the weekend. And of course, it’s impossible to do all one million and one things in just two short days. But if you find yourself in NYC for the weekend, there a few things to do to enjoy  the perfect day trip or overnight getaway.

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my bestie in NYC to celebrate my birthday. And let me just say, we had the time of our lives. If you have the time or the funds, I’d definitely check out some of the places below.

The Grub

Our first stop was Lillie’s Victorian Establishment for brunch and it was worth every second. Not only was the food yummy (eggs benedict with a delicious salad for me) but the decor was absolutely stunning. Even the bathrooms were super cute with amazing Victorian details that made you feel like you were teleported through time. The music was so fun and catchy, too. I’m a big music enthusiast and I know just as much as the next person that music can make or break your mood. Especially when it comes to dining.

Lillie’s played some catchy jazzy tunes and I’m pretty sure I caught a song or two from the Great Gatsby soundtrack which made our experience there even more fun. If brunch wasn’t enough, we also tried out their delicious cheesecake (both plain and strawberry) that came with literally the best strawberry sauce I’ve ever tasted. This is definitely a great spot for brunch or lunch to get you ready for the day ahead.

The Show

After brunch we headed to the Gershwin Theater to see…Wicked. I’ve never been much of a musical theater lover (funny seeing how I majored in theater arts and creative writing), but for some reason the last two years have really turned it around for me after seeing Cinderella and then seeing Aladdin, Book of Mormon, and Wicked all within the last eight months. Of course they all had different plots and wonderful things about them from costume design to the sets, but Wicked was really wicked.

From the moment you step into the theater you’re literally transported into another world. A world far beyond the one Dorothy entered. The story of Elphelba and Glinda, formerly known as Galinda, is just pure genius. The show was hilarious and yet still gut-wrenching at times, and the writers even tie in Dorothy and those ruby red slippers. I absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, think Wicked is worth every penny. It was an experience for sure. And they even serve Daiquiris in little Wicked cups with lids. How awesome is that?

The Hotel 

After our show we walked literally one block away to The Michelangelo Hotel. Not only was the hotel decor and rooms beautiful, the staff was also very accommodating. They allowed us to stash our bags with them while we went for brunch and to see the show, and when we checked in our room was ready and nice and warm after being out in the cold rain most of the day.

I must admit the hotel was a bit expensive ($12 for a jar of Snickers minis, really?). But if you have a sugar daddy I say go for it! Besides that drawback, the hotel was the perfect distance to every place we wanted to go.

The Dinner

After such a busy and fun day, we wanted to keep it light for dinner so we headed to Melt Shop, which honestly has the BEST grilled cheeses I’ve ever tried. And their tater tots were bomb, too. If you want a quick, low-key, and somewhat inexpensive tasty meal, I recommend Melt.

The Fun

As for entertainment, we thought it would be cool to do something different. It was pouring and we weren’t really feeling a bar, so we decided to visit Karaoke Duet 53. I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE to karaoke, however, the bestie does not like to sing in front of strangers. So Karaoke Duet 53 was literally the perfect place. They have different rooms of all sizes to accommodate however big or small your singing tribe is and you can shut the door for total privacy. It’s only $8.50 per hour per person on weekends which, for the city, is super cheap. And best of all it’s so fun! We may or may not have sang two hours worth of 80s songs and loved every second of it.

Although we only spent 24 hours in the city that never sleeps, we made the most of it. Naturally, everyone’s budget and taste will vary, but if you feel like trying someplace new, or want to wonder the Times Square area, I definitely recommend checking out the places we visited.

What’s your favorite spots to visit in NYC or your hometown? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I have never been to NYC but I did see Wicked in Chicago and it was AWESOME! One of my favourite shows I’ve seen (and I’ve seen A LOT lol)

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