Today I figured I’d write about something near and dear to my heart: Makeup. To be fair, there are a lot of things near and dear to my heart and makeup just happens to be one of them.  Sometimes I have that perfect complexion where my face has a glow and is just radiant, but during the other 363 days of the year when my face is not glowing, I’m wondering what’s going on with my skin. Maybe I’m not eating the right foods (I’m not), or not drinking enough water (definitely not doing that either), or maybe I’m not using the right products (besides Jennifer Aniston who really is?).

But up until recently it never occurred to me that my makeup could actually be the culprit when facing issues with my complexion. Maybe you’re like me and never really put it all together, or you’re over here reading this thinking ‘duh, Jenn. Where have you been? I totally knew that.’ Regardless, makeup can be a potential problem for your skin and heres why:

Your Pores Ain’t Having It

Not only do some makeups clog your pores they also can include ingredients that are not good for your skin. I have friends who are allergic to certain things and some makeup actually has traces of these properties in their products. For example, gluten. Some of the fancy names for gluten in makeup include Triticum Vulgare (wheat), Hordeum Vulgare (barley), and Avena Sativa (oatmeal).

Some people with these allergies usually don’t even know they have it or that it’s in their makeup. Sometimes you may breakout or get a rash and think it just has to do with your diet, or cycle, or even stress, but in reality it may be that your skin can’t tolerate these ingredients. Try an elimination test to know for sure.

Personally, I found out that I’m allergic to liquid foundation. I know you’ve probably never heard anyone say that but it’s a thing. No sooner do I put liquid foundation on (and trust me, I’ve tried multiple brands) I immediately breakout with cystic acne. Like, the next day either my cheek or chin is swelled up with one or multiple monstrous pimples that last for weeks and sometimes even months. Now, I just use matte concealer powder and it works wonders. Plus, I don’t look super shiny like I do when I use foundation because of my oily skin.

Makeup Gets Old Just Like People

Seriously though, it does. I’ve read articles that tell you how to locate the expiration date of makeup and whatnot but when you place your makeup with other makeup and travel or just go about daily life, it tends to rub against other products causing a friction and rubbing off any signs of expiration dates. Even MAC products (usually lipsticks) will say 24M for 2 years, and that’s all well and good, but who the hell remembers that on October 3rd they bought Ruby Woo MAC lipstick.

I mean we’re not Katie Heron from Mean Girls, no one is going to remember that. So unless you write down when you purchased your makeup, which I’m starting to do, you wont have the slightest clue to when exactly your product should be replaced or tossed.

I recently used a highlighting powder that I had bought within the last two years and since I only wore it like 6 times, at most, I thought it would be okay. Yeah, no. Definitely not. I broke out with a really gnarly rash all over my chin that luckily cleared up a couple of days later, but totally made me stress out about how to avoid looking like I had rug burn on my chin. And trust me when I say nobody wants to look like they have rug burn on their chin. Not even a VS model could rock that.

Bacteria for the Win Every Darn Time

Do you have makeup that you wet to get a dewy look? Yeah, that’s kinda gross. No judgement, but imagine how much bacteria you’re creating on top of the bacteria that’s already been floating around after rubbing your fingers or dirty face brushes in the makeup everyday. Now imagine how gross that eyeshadow (or whatever you’re wetting) is now that you’ve left it wet and didn’t dry it properly. And no, closing your compact is not the proper way to dry out your makeup, that just creates an unnatural humidity within that very small space and breeds bacteria in your makeup.

Now imagine putting that makeup on your face. It’s no surprise why you’re breaking out or getting or rash or why you now have pink eye. Seriously, don’t do that. And if you must do it, be sure to replace that makeup more often than you would regular makeup.

It Doesn’t Always Need to Smell Good

And last but not least, scented items can actually be harmful your skin and especially your face. The skin on your legs and arms and other areas are not as sensitive as the skin on your face. A long time ago my dermatologist told me never to put anything scented on my face. Scented creams are a BIG no no for someone like myself.

Granted, everyone is different. My mom uses scented lotion on her face and has the nicest peachy complex without ever breaking out. Yet I’m over here looking like Casper’s doppelgänger trying to fake it till I make it…into the sun that is, but the moment I put scented lotion on my face it’s acne for days. So if you can, avoid heavily scented products on your facial area. Unless you’re like my mom who was blessed with skin from the Gods, you’ll thank me in the long run.

If you have any other tips on what to avoid and how to keep your face looking as great as a baby’s bum, let me know below!

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8 thoughts on “Why Your Makeup is Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin”

  1. I feel ya! I never broke out as a teenager but I tend to as an adult.. I think my two biggest culprits are not removing my makeup when I go to sleep and I probably need to wash my makeup brushes way more often! Thanks for the tips though, I’m going to make sure I’m not allergic to anything in my makeup just in case!

  2. Hmmmm, I had never thought that it could be makeup causing some of my adult breakouts. I just naturally assumed it was hormones all the time. It’ll definitely be taking more notice when o try out a new product of how it reacts with my skin. Thanks! Great article 👍🏻

  3. This. So many girls feel they can use the same makeup/tools forever and it won’t cause damage to the sensitive skin on our faces! Just like sleeping on a dirty pillow case every night or walking through haze like us Beijinger’s have to. I’ve found that eliminating face powders and switching to the oil cleansing method has worked wonders for my skin. Thanks for the tips!

  4. First, I love your style of writing; your quick witted comments are totally up my alley! Second, just YES to this topic. I’ve spent the last 2-3 months becoming aware of what is in our makeup (and household cleaners, personal care items, etc.) and have slowly started the transition over to non-toxic products. I love that this topic is taking hold (and personal makeup/skincare brand that I recommend is Beautycounter if anyone is looking for a recommendation!)

  5. I’ve worn the same foundation for years and every so often parts of my face will break out. I usually don’t think much of it. But I recently started using a contour pallet, and I’ve noticed that when I wear it on my chin I break out there more than usual. Such an interesting read!

  6. You are absolutely correct, our skin products have a huge impact on how healthy our skin looks…I am more about caring for my skin and preventing imperfections than covering it up with makeup…but one gotta wear makeup, coz duh- no one has perfect skin. I hate when there are fragrances in products, I mean come on, they are never a good idea. When I buy more than one new product, I always try them out one at a time and observe how my skin reacts…that way if it was irritating my skin, I would know it right away which product it was…and it’s a good idea to compare the ingredients with ingredients of other products you have and note down any possible culprits. Great post!

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