As every girl knows, there are certain wardrobe pieces that make all the difference regardless of your style preferences. Whether your style is more boho, more feminine, super urban, or like me – kinda different everyday, you’ll be thankful you have these necessary pieces to get you through the daily grind.

I’ve put together a list of the top 5 items every New York lady (really, any lady) needs.

The Biker Jacket

This may be an obvious pick but the look and versatility of a faux leather jacket is honestly priceless. Yes, I say faux leather because as a vegetarian and general animal lover, I’ve been trying to stay away from actual leather products. And, as an added bonus, faux leather is way cheaper. I recently purchased a faux leather jacket from JCPenney for under $15. That’s right, under $15.


And no matter what season it is, I can wear it over a dress, a romper, with pants or shorts, draped over my shoulders, with a bralette, and even in the summer in the freezing AC at the office or movie theater. They also come in different colors like blush pink for spring and summer. I chose black, but regardless, it’s an absolute must!

A Statement Piece 

I know most people think jewelry when they hear the term “statement piece” but that’s not always the case. A statement piece can be a necklace, a hat, or even a shirt. If you know me personally then you know I actually have a lot of statement pieces. If you’re unsure how to navigate through the statement piece waters think about this: what one fashion article would really express who you are? Is it heels? Earrings? A necklace? A skirt? You decide.


Right now, I have a pink floral tote bag from Kohls (bottom right pictured above – except mine is twice the size). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped in the one week I’ve worn it. People keep asking me where I bought it and I direct them to the junior’s department of Kohls. Seriously, I should be a brand ambassador for that store. But to me, that bag represents everything I’m feeling about spring right now: pink, floral and necessary.

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

Maybe it’s a no-brainer that you should never leave the house without sunglasses but trust me – a lot of people do. I, myself, am guilty sometimes and I have like 5 pairs, too. You should pick out a really cute pair that you’d love to rock and buy a sunglass pouch and keep them in your glove-box. This way, when you’re in a time crunch and running late (like me alllll the time) you can pop them on and be good to go. The best places to shop for glasses are Marshalls and TJ Maxx in my opinion. They have brands like Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson for under $10.


Sunglasses are perfect for the days you want to hide from the world, the times the sun is blinding, and for when you need to hide from someone in the Whole Foods parking lot…not like I’ve done that…ever.

A Solid T-Shirt

I don’t mean solid like one color but solid as in pretty good. If you follow me on Instagram – which, like, you totally should – you can see that my FAVORITE t-shirt is one I picked up at Macy’s. It’s a black t-shirt with white sleeves and says ‘90210’ on it in bold colors.


Not only does it look so cool with a black choker and jeans and my faux velvet army boots (I’m all about the faux people) it’s perfect for everyday and any day. Literally, I can throw it on jeans, shorts, tuck it into a skirt (pencil or tulle!) and I look put together. Throw a biker jacket over it and sunglasses on and there  you go.

Treat Yo Self to the Right Pair of Shoes

You might be thinking shouldn’t the last thing on the list naturally be a comfy pair of jeans or a comfy skirt. And while I strongly believe every girl should own a super comfortable skirt AND pair of jeans, I feel that’s an obvious. So, with that said, something that may not be that obvious is foot wear. If you live in NYC or the 5 boroughs you know that sometimes there is a lot of walking involved in your day to day life.

No one wants to wear stilettos or uncomfortable shoes for 10 blocks to catch a subway, walk around all day, and then have to walk another 10 blocks to get home. And if you’re one of the girls who CAN do that without dying, I strongly urge you not to be that girl because you’re actually harming yourself.


Before I get all preachy, let me explain that a few years ago the bestie and I spent a day in the city. I was wearing boots with a one and a half inch heel and randomly stepped on a crack in the sidewalk which resulted in an injury to my ankle and whole foot. Fast forward through some pain, several podiatrist appointments, and a reallllly painful injection, I thought I was a-okay. That is until I somehow re-injured myself after wearing a pair of steep wedges at work almost two years later.

This injury resulted in more visits to my podiatrist and multiple injections in between my toes which were also pretty painful. Fast forward another 8 months later and one morning I wake up and feel excruciating pain in my foot. It’s now swollen and super blue in color. I was fitted with a cast for some time and then transitioned into a really non-fashionable boot that made me look like the bride of Frankenstein. After x-rays, weeks in a cast and boot, and an MRI, it was found that I have a dislaxity in my legs and feet bones and that I had fractured my foot by literally walking and putting pressure on it everyday – something that will happen again if I wear heels or walk with unsupportive innersoles daily. Awesome story, right? I still have some pain in my foot almost daily and it’s been 8 months since the fracture. And sadly, I had to give away most of my heels because of this injury that spiraled out of control.

Moral of the story: get comfortable AND fashionable shoes. It make take some time but it’s completely worth the search and the money. Your feet are taking the weight of your whole body daily and when wearing shoes at an extreme curve (like a lot of heels have) you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your bones. And although you may be able to handle a marathon in heels, you don’t really know if your bones are weak because honestly what doctor checks that thoroughly without a warranted reason to do so? You can still look cute while being smart. We’re women after all, we’re great at multi-tasking.

Having any fashion pieces you find necessary for survival in your daily grind? Let me know below, I’d love to hear them!

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11 thoughts on “5 Fashion Pieces Every Girl Needs”

  1. I definitely need to go to TJ Maxx and get some sunglasses! How haven’t I don’t that yet?? I ship there for everything but have somehow missed that! I go through like a pair a month so definitely a good idea. Love the biker jacket!

  2. Check, Check, Check

    Need an awesome tee shirt….not feeling the love.
    Comfortable and Fashionable shoes…HELP! And ouch! Your poor FEET! Currently hobbling around London; feet a patchwork of plasters (a.k.a. bandaids 🙂 ). Would love it if you could share some links of your favs!

    Melissa x

  3. The sneakers pictured in the article are my fave sneakers! They’re Sketchers and I got them a year ago from Famous Footwear. They are so comfy too – they have like an extra layer of foam inside – it’s wonderful. I also recommend the brand Spirit and Cliffs – I don’t have links though – I bought them from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx but they usually have those brands. They’re very cute and very comfy. And last but not least, I would say try these super cute block heels from target out. They’re pretty comfy and come in two colors and two sized heels. I opted for the shorter heel and bought them in Nude and they’re pretty awesome 🙂

  4. I 100% agree with you getting comfortable and fashionable shoes may take time but if you get this combination your feet will definitely thank you. Love the bags!

  5. I live on the beach, so I never leave home without flip flops, shorts, and sunglasses. Now when autumn is here (I live in Australia), the biker jacket is a must! Thanks for a great tip! And I love those shoes! Do you know what brand it is?

  6. Yes – they’re Sketchers. I actually own them and they are my go-to sneaker. They’re so comfy too! I got them at Campus Footwear but I’m sure you can find them online at any shoe retailer!

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