Let me tell you first hand that living in New York is stressful in itself without the adding pressures of work, social obligations, family, health, and relationships. Okay, sure, you’ve seen tons of pins on how to “de-stress” and be “calmer,” but have all those pins you’ve pinned or articles you’ve read telling you how to implement such in such in your daily life ever worked? I don’t have time everyday to really focus on de-stressing as sad as it may sound so when I get really stressed out I know I need some sort of break. 

For the past couple of months I’ve been overly stressed, and last week, I was having some major issues with my laptop – to the point where it wasn’t allowing me to get any work done  at all – so I had to bring it to my local Apple store. Turns out, it was some issue with the wire and they had to keep my baby for a few days to replace the main cable in it. My laptop is like my life – all of my files and work are on it and I don’t have access to another computer besides the library.

So, after they took my computer Saturday night, I honestly thought “what the heck am I going to do with myself?” But it turns out it was a huge blessing in disguise. Not because the problems seem to be fixed now that I’ve got it back – although that is a blessing in itself – but because I had to refocus my attention on my priorities. The priorities I had been forgetting to focus on. In the time I was without my computer (aka my lifeline to the world)  I felt so much more relaxed and actually got more done than I had in weeks! So, as I sat basking in the sun and enjoying my new found freedom, I thought of some amazing things that I had been  doing in my time without my computer to help de-stress.  Hopefully this will help if you’re like me and need a mental vacay ASAP!

Detox From the Web

First things first. Take your phone and chuck it for the next 48 hours – okay maybe don’t chuck it Lord knows how expensive phones are to fix – what I mean is don’t rely on your phone for anything but emergency calls and texts. That annoying group chat? Leave the conversation. Those ridiculous Facebook notifications? Turn them all off. Need to see what’s happening with everyone on Instagram? Trust me, you don’t.

It makes all the difference when you’re not being a slave to emails, social media accounts, or anything web related. In addition to ditching your phone, don’t go on the computer unless it’s for work purposes during work hours for those two or three days you’ve chosen to detox. 

Get Out in the Sun

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that many don’t realize they are lacking. I promise you that a little sun will make you feel MUCH better when you’re stressed out. A person needs vitamin D to help absorb calcium and help regulate their immune system as well as their neuromuscular system.

 Studies show a lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression and weight gain, but besides the health benefits it’s good for your mind and spirit. Whether you sit outside for 15 minutes and watch the clouds pass by, or read a book outside, or even take a walk, the sun and fresh air will clear your mind more than any app or nap will.

Rearrange a Room

Sometimes taking on another project while stressing can be daunting regardless of how big or small the project is, but sometimes the fung shui of a room in your home can really throw you off balance. For me, it’s pretty much every room in my home but the room I feel most stressed when in disarray is my bedroom.

Although I have a large room I always thought that there wasn’t enough space for my belongings – that is until I realized it was the placement of all my objects and furniture – not the actual space. After cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and rearranging the space, it is so much better now and I can focus on other things on my to-do list rather than side eye my furniture and messy desk. 

Try a  Healthy New Recipe

We all strive to be healthy in some way. Whether it’s being fit, getting the proper nutrition, or losing weight, sometimes getting and staying healthy when it comes to eating can be an uphill battle. When I used to live in California there were so many varieties of fast food restaurants to choose from that actually had healthy options.

Unfortunately, New York does not share that same love for healthy and cheap fast food. So instead of spending a small fortune or seeking out a budget friendly and somewhat nutritious meal take the time (the extra time you now have from detoxing from the web) and cook yourself a never before tried delicious and healthy meal. Not only will your tastebuds love you for it but you’ll also feel really accomplished once you take the first bite! 

Read a Magazine

This quick read will catch you up on the latest trends or gossip that you’re probably fiening for after your social media detox. I short but insightful read will also help clear your mind. You can even read a chapter of your favorite book but I warn you – sometimes starting a book or putting it down for that matter is hard to do. With a magazine, once you’re done with it you can get it out of the house and free up some space. It’s a win win!

Strut Your Stuff

You’re probably like whaaa!? Let me clarify: sometimes (most times) shopping makes me relax and feel better. However, what makes me the opposite of relaxed is when I realize how much money I’ve spent. Never a good feeling even when the bill is super low. Honestly, who like paying for things?

So, if you put on a little fashion show for yourself and strut your stuff while mixing and matching your favorite pieces you’ve not only found some new outfit inspo but you also did something productive, fun, and free. Bonus points if you put on some Ed Sheeran or Paloma Faith and dance it out. You’ll feel so much better.

Cleanse Your Mind

Burn a candle, do some yoga, meditate, daydream, fantasize about your dream vacation, or make a vision board. Do anything that makes you relax and enjoy your time. If work is stressing you out don’t mentally go there. If it’s a family thing block it out. Yes, it’s easier said than done but once you get a handle on the things thats stress you out you’ll eventually learn how to sort through them and clear your mind. It’ll be like putting all the negative and stressful thoughts in separate folders in the desktop of your mind. And then eventually some day you can trash it when that situation or folder is no longer an issues. Bye Felicia!

Also, scents can trigger happy memories and they can reduce stress so be sure to burn some incense for maximum stress relief. Lavender and lemongrass work best for me 🙂 

Have any special ways or methods to detox from stress? Let me know below!

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  1. Social Media detox for a while is the best thing you can give to your body and mind. I remember how relaxed I was when my phone stopped working for a couple of days, life and time both were sorted. Isn’t it ironical, things that have become necessities are actually the ones we need to take a break from? Great post!

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