The New York Guide to the Empire State Building

Because Who Doesn’t Want to See Some Breathtaking Sites in Real Life? Back in December a friend from far far away (San Diego, not that far) visited New York City for the first time. I, as a Native New Yorker, felt like I should take it upon myself and be her tour guide and show […]

30 Jan 2017


Day Trip on a $0 Budget

Travel is one the most genuine and pure ways to experience life out of your comfort zone. So, whether you plan on jet setting to Europe or road tripping a state over, it can be hectic on your wallet. That’s why I propose a citycation. Yes, a citycation. If you’re on a tight budget and just […]

27 Jan 2017


10 Inspirational Quotes from Famous New Yorkers

We can all use some inspirational quotes especially on Mondays. Read on to get pumped for the week ahead. Andy Warhol  “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Lady Gaga “Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you […]

16 Jan 2017


Why New York is One of the Coolest Places…Ever

New York is by far one of the coolest places ever. I’m sure you already knew that, though. But why? It’s definitely not the weather (oh, California weather how I miss you). It is however all about the diverseness. Ever find yourself in NYC just walking around with no particular place to go? You can cross […]

13 Jan 2017


The Gift That Keeps You Laughing: Book of Mormon

Since making its debut in 2011, The Book of Mormon has been one of the most talked about and successful musicals. From the creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone), the show hits on many subjects including- you guessed it – religion. The show focuses much more on just religion though, hitting us […]

17 Dec 2016


Gavin DeGraw Live @ The Paramount

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Gavin DeGraw, rocked the stage at The Paramount Tuesday December 13th. Serenading the packed crowd DeGraw, whose debut album Chariot dropped in 2003, knew how to work his audience. Leaving gaggles of women besides themselves, DeGraw sang hits such as “Not Over You,” One Tree Hill’s hit theme song “I Don’t Want to […]

16 Dec 2016


Style 101: Broadway Edition

Going to a Broadway show is kind of a big to-do, especially when it’s a show you’ve been waiting to see for a while. And we get it. Broadway isn’t cheap. So, just because you’ve forked over most of your life’s savings doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re poor (or really rich for that matter). […]

13 Dec 2016


The NY Guide to Broadway Closings

If you’re a theater junkie, it’s time to get your last fix on some of the amazing shows running on Broadway. Whether you’ve seen them all, some, or none, it’s a bit disheartening to know some of Broadway’s finest plays/musicals will be closing within the next month. Urban Popp has compiled a short list of […]

10 Dec 2016


Thanksgiving Eve with Evanescence @ The Paramount

American rock band, Evanescence, now comprising of Amy Lee, Jen Majura, Troy MclawHorn, Tim McCord, and Will Hunt, had taken a long hiatus from the industry. However, in October of 2016 that all changed. The loyal Amy Lee, returned to the scene, kicking of Evanescence’s Fall North American tour in Dallas, Texas, on October 28th. […]

28 Nov 2016